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An Explanation of Some of the Provisions Of
a law enforcement officer has the right to inspect, without a warrant or subpoena, any purchased scrap metals in the possession of the dealer and any records .

Theft of Scrap Metal - Center for Problem-Oriented Policing
Sting operations target scrap metal dealers who violate purchasing regulations. Intelligence or information gleaned from local offenders can help identify dealers .


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State By State Scrap Theft Legislation - Recycling Today Media ...
Oct 9, 2009 . There is a 15-day tag-and-hold policy when notified by law enforcement. HAWAII. When purchasing scrap metal, dealers must obtain a written .

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We feel that where a scrap metal company purchases scrap metal in the form of motor vehicles of a type required to be licensed by the laws of our state, .

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New York State Scrap Purchasing Laws |
New York State Scrap Purchasing Laws. In 2009, five states, including New York, enacted laws to cut back on scrap metal theft by requiring businesses to keep .

DISCLAIMER: This document regarding the laws on the purchase of Regulated . Thefts continued with scrap proces sors often the victim of these types of theft.

Policies | | Always Buying Scrap
Policies and Regulations. It is the policy of Always Buying Scrap, Inc. to assist our customers courteously. You can always rely on our friendly personnel and .

Albany scrap yard owner arrested for allegedly buying metal from ...
Jan 18, 2012. County deputies warned Myung Jei Kim twice -- in January 2010 and May 2011 -- about regulations against buying scrap metal from felons, .

Purchases Module « ScrapWare Corporation
Purchasing is where you make your money. Above all, you must, without fail, “buy it right”. However, if you fail to comply with applicable anti-theft laws, you can .

Proposed bill would toughen laws against copper theft ...
Jan 24, 2012 . Under Tuscaloosa's law, businesses purchasing scrap metal must take a photo of the seller and verify their photo identification. The businesses .

Lawriter - ORC - 4737.04 Dealers in scrap iron, metal, and waste ...
LAW Writer® Ohio Laws and Rules. Search ORC . (2) The date and time the scrap metal dealer purchased or received the articles;. (3) If the seller or provider of .

HOUSE BILL No. 2312 Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State ...
other state comparable to such provisions or laws of any county or city regulating the sale or purchase of regulated scrap metal three or more times. (4) A person .

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Scrap Metal Purchasing | Scrap Metal Recycling | Colorado Scrap ...
. metals and metals reprocessing, and leads in buying and recycling scrap metal . . all applicable local, state, and federal environmental laws and regulations.

Anti-Money Laundering · Lead Law · Colored Gemstones . As gold prices continue to fluctuate, purchasing scrap gold and other metals from customers may leave . Is the scrap gold and metal you purchase covered in your insurance policy?

Scrap buyers investigated; four out of compliance? - Oak Ridge, TN ...
Jan 19, 2012. for allegedly violating the 30-day "hold law" for precious metals. . with information on them recording daily scrap gold purchases and sales.

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815 ILCS 325/ Recyclable Metal Purchase Registration Law.
This Act may be cited as the Recyclable Metal Purchase Registration Law. . metal dealer" does not include automotive parts recyclers, scrap processors, .

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    Scrap Metal Industry
    Thus, the regulations allow the taxpayer an offset against sales for purchases made and consumed during the tax year. Substantiation for scrap metal purchases . New North Carolina Scrap Metal Laws
    New North Carolina Scrap Metal Laws. We're reading through the newly enacted North Carolina laws concerning the buying and selling of scrap metals so we .

    Arizona Scrap Metal Laws |
    Arizona laws governing scrap metal dealers are found in Title 44, Chapter 11, . In general, scrap metal dealers are prohibited from buying: metal manhole .

    Cincinnati toughens scrap metal sales laws
    Jan 10, 2012. of copper and other metals is prompting Cincinnati City Council to consider tough changes to the law on buying and selling scrap metal.

    How to Buy Scrap Gold: 5 steps - wikiHow
    Apr 1, 2012. how to Start a Scrap Gold Buying Business -or just to buy Scrap Gold: . of your City's Laws in which case you can be brought up on Charges.

    Scrap tires must be purchased from a Michigan processor or other Michigan . Applicant's overall compliance with Michigan environmental laws, rules, and .

    Copper Theft Statutes: December 2008
    The most common legislation establishes regulations on scrap metal buyers, requiring them to identify sellers and keep detailed records of purchases. Alabama .

    Stolen scrap metal buy leads to arrest | The Atmore Advance
    Mar 22, 2011. of receiving stolen property in connection with the purchase of scrap . comply with regulations and laws in place governing the purchasing .

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    Scrap Magazine Archive - July/August 2010 - Scrapyard Software
    Some jurisdictions have instituted more stringent regulations on the purchase of scrap in response to an increase in material theft concerns. In certain cities .

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    Lawriter - ORC - Chapter 4737: SECONDHAND DEALERS; JUNK ...
    (2) The date and time the scrap metal dealer purchased or received the articles;. ( 3) If the . A scrap metal dealer shall provide a copy of those records to any law .

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    Scrap Metal Laws Effective as of December 1, 2008
    Scrap Metal Laws . Requires the recycler to provide a written record for each purchase of ferrous and . The New Law effective January 1, 2009 and thereafter .

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Proposals to tackle metal theft under attack -
Jan 26, 2012 . Theresa May, home secretary, announced on Thursday that she planned to introduce new laws to make buying scrap metal for cash a criminal .