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Quitclaim Deed Definition | Investopedia
Quitclaim Deed - Definition of Quitclaim Deed on Investopedia - A deed releasing a person's interest in a property without stating the nature of the person's .

Quitclaim | Define Quitclaim at
Quitclaim definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, . He wants to give his half of the property to my sister using a quitclaim deed.


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Define Quit Claim Deed | Home Guides | SF Gate
Written deeds--grant, warranty and quitclaim--are the standard means for transferring title to property from a "grantor" to a "grantee." Whether the grantee is ...

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Quit Claim Deed Definition | Home Guides | SF Gate
The process of transferring ownership of a property through sale is a long, detailed and expensive undertaking. But there are other ways to transfer property .

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What Is a Quit Claim Deed Mortgage? | Home Guides | SF Gate
Named very literally, a quitclaim deed is a means of "quitting," or transferring, any interest in real property. A tool used in real estate, the quitclaim deed is one of .

quitclaim - definition of quitclaim by the Free Online Dictionary ...
Definition of quitclaim in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of . (Law) a formal renunciation of any claim against a person or of a right to land. vb. (Law) (tr) .

Quitclaim Deed legal definition of Quitclaim Deed. Quitclaim Deed ...
Definition of Quitclaim Deed in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English . An instrument of conveyance of real property that passes any title, claim, .

Definition/Quit Claim - Warrany Deeds
A quit claim deed contains no warranties and the seller doesn't have liability to the buyer for other recorded claims on the property. The purchaser takes the .

Quitclaim deed - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A quitclaim deed (sometimes erroneously referred to as a "quick-claim" deed) is a legal instrument by which the owner of a piece of real property, called the .

Quit Claim Deed Law & Legal Definition
. grantor owns title, and the quitclaim deed, which transfers only that interest in the real property which the grantor. . Quit Claim Deed Law & Legal Definition .

Quitclaim Deed FAQ -
Q. What is the Tax Map Key Number and how can I find the Tax Map Key Number for my Hawaiian property? A. The state of .

What is a deed? What type of deed -- grant, quitclaim, warranty ...
What is a deed? What type of deed -- grant, quitclaim, warranty -- should I use? How do you take ownership of property as tenants in common or as joint tenants .

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Define quitclaim | Dictionary and Thesaurus
Extensive Definition. A quitclaim deed is a term used in property law to describe a document by which a person (the "grantor") disclaims any interest the grantor .

What is a Quitclaim Deed?
One of the documents you can use when buying a new home is a quitclaim deed. This deed has several key elements and can be relatively straightforward to .

Quit Claim Deed
. quit claim deed forms - transfer only the interest the sellor has in the property. . to recover losses, since by definition, a quitclaim deed provides no warranty.

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Quitclaim deed | Define Quitclaim deed at
Quitclaim deed definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation . a deed that conveys to the grantee only such interests in property as the .

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  • Alex Anton4/29/2011

    What Is a Quitclaim Deed?
    A quitclaim deed is a real estate document that legally transfers interest in property from one person (the grantor) to another (the grantee). A quitclaim deed is .

    What Is a Quit Claim Deed & Can It Be Withdrawn? | Home Guides ...
    In some situations, property owners seek to transfer their interest in the property to another entity. A quit claim deed makes this possible, and this legal document . Glossary - Quit Claim Deed definition and information
    Quit Claim Deed. Function: noun. Definition 1: A legal document which transfers a property to the buyer or owner, whatever interests in the property are held by .

    Quitclaim Deed Transfers Property without Ownership Guarantee
    Q.: My elderly mother wants to transfer ownership of her home to me, her only child. My attorney drafted a quitclaim deed. What is a quitclaim deed?

    What are Recurring closing costs? What is a Quit Claim Deed? What is a Grant Deed? What is Community Property? What is Joint Tenancy? What is Tenants in .

    What Is the Purpose of a Quitclaim Deed? |
    A quitclaim deed is referred to in the legal profession as simply a "quitclaim. . What Is the Difference Between a Warranty Deed & a Quit Claim for Property?

    What does quitclaim mean?
    Definition of quitclaim in the dictionary. Meaning of . a transfer of one's interest in a property, esp. without a warranty of title. 2. (v.t.) quitclaim .

    quitclaim deed | Real Estate Definition |
    Real Estate Definition: quitclaim deed - a deed given to convey whatever right, title, or interest the grantor may have, if any. The grantor does not warrant th .

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  • Skinna11/9/2008

    Property Deeds - Warranty, Grant, Quitclaim - Property Deeds to ...
    Real property deeds are used to transfer title. . Property Deeds - Warranty Deeds, Grant Deeds and Quitclaim Deeds . Those six items are defined as: A written .

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    Quitclaim Deed Definition | Redfin
    Jan 7, 2011 . Real Estate Glossary > Q > Quitclaim Deed Definition. Quitclaim Deed. A term used to describe the act of transferring the ownership of a home .

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    What is a Quitclaim Deed? | LegalZoom
    What is a Quitclaim Deed? Corie Lynn Rosen - Sep 2008. Everyone knows that a written document is needed in order to transfer title in real property from one .

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Quitclaim Definition
The legal definition of Quitclaim is A document in which a person who has an alleged interest in real property, transfers this interest to another.