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Stable valve VFO
Dec 3, 2011 . The best approach is to build a lower frequency VFO and mix it with a stable crystal oscillator to get the desired output. Right from the start, my .

Mixer VFO mk1
Dec 29, 2011 . Crystal Sets to Sideband . Crystal oscillators should be easier to do than VFO's, right? . That is the WORST oscillator I have ever built. Next .


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Heathkit Virtual Museum | DX-100
It has a built-in VFO, or may be excited from crystals. Crystal sockets are built in. The easy-to-build kit contains all parts necessary for construction, including .

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Using VFO with Old Novice rig [Archive] - QRZ Forums
With crystal control, I leave receiver unmuted to provide sidetone but . Believe the easiest path forward is to build the detector, run the VFO on .

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Chapter 11 Building a VFO for the higher bands (PMOs)
Building a VFO for the higher bands (PMOs). A QRP CW module for 30 meters is shown above. In many ways this module resembles the crystal controlled QRP .

VA3DIW, Vackar VFO, Vackar oscillator
"The VFO can create stable beat with crystal oscillator, and it will stay like that for hours". The concern was why to use another PLL loop? The oscillator phase .

A lot of fun with this ultra-simple project wich employs a few components and is very easy to build and to align. You may build it in the crystal or VFO (varicap) .

TheRadioBoard :: View topic - An Alternative to Crystals in ...
Mar 10, 2011 . Mix (say) a 6MHz crystal controlled LO with a low frequency VFO . There's no reason why you can't build a tube crystal oscillator using the .

Variable-frequency oscillator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
3 Digital Crystal VFO. 3.1 Digital . These are recalled at the right speed and fed to a digital to analog converter where the required sine wave is built up.

Hagerty Radio Company Direct Digital VFO Product Reviews
One of the solutions to vintage VFO issues is using crystals. Original . I've built four of Jim's boards, two of the original design and two of the current design.

VFO Circuit
Jan 15, 2000 . Use C3 to make major changes in the frequency of the VFO. . values given above are for a VFO that will work with the 3.457 MHz crystal filter: .

VE7CA -> Homebrew
After decreasing the VFO output to -10 dBm the spurs disappeared. The VFO is built into a box made of PC board material. The 10 crystals oscillators and LO .

Campfire alternatives:

High Stability VFO for 160 and 80 Meters
A similar VFO was built by Steve, WA1QIX, for use with his Class E . A well designed VFO will have spectral purity approaching that of a crystal with a quick .

Jan 30, 2012 . VFO-35. HF-35 VFO. I decided to build a companion VFO for my HF-35 transmitter; crystal operation was fun for awhile but being able to move .

Heathkit HW-7
. CW Transceiver with both built-in VFO and crystal transmit .

Transmitter Building Blocks
This oscillator works well with fundamental mode crystals up to about 22MHz. Component . It is very difficult to build a stable VFO for frequencies above 10MHz.

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Wee Willy
When Dick isn't sailing he builds and operates his homebrew QRP gear to hams . I built the 20m version with a 14.318 crystal instead of a VFO ideal for my .

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    The VFO with the Globe Scout transmitter make a complete nice-looking vintage station. I had to make a cable to connect the VFO output to the transmitter crystal .

    VFO - Variable Frequency Oscillator - Kerala India Travel and ...
    VFO - Variable Frequency Oscillator, Variable Frequency Oscillator (VFO) for 7MHz SSB Transceiver using 4.43 MHz Ladder filter. . Building Ham Radio Station . Circuit uses crystal oscillator, crystal can be switched for multi band operation.

    Heathkit of the Month: by Bob Eckweiler, AF6C Heath DX-100 HF ...
    a more efficient AM signal than controlled- carrier modulation. The transmitter has a built- in VFO, or it can be crystal controlled. It covers. 160 meters through ten .

    An Improved VFO Driver Amp for Tube Rigs
    software flexibility of DDS VFOs make these devices . crystal) that will shatter at low power lev- . output from the solid-state VFO to drive the tube rig's circuitry.

    6AG7/6L6 Transmitter w/VFO
    I decided to build the transmitter using ordinary materials for the chassis and front . Being woefully short of suitable crystals I opted for VFO control again loosely .

    PEP Adapter
    The signal from a stable on-board crystal oscillator and a sampling of the signal from the rig's VFO are both processed through binary counters to develop a high .

    A 7 MHz oscillator with a variable crystal oscillator (VXO) operates very stably, . In contrast, a VFO with an LC resonant circuit can be tuned over a range of several . You can build a power oscillator with an NE592 and some additional parts.

    STEP VFO by Harry Lythall
    It is based upon a crystal so the HF stability is excellent. . one for Tx and another for RX then build the second using BC557 transistors instead of BC547.

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    Direct Digital Synthesis for Those Classic Rigs
    applicable to the construction of a VFO that can make those old boat anchor AM- CW transmitters of the . liquid crystal display (LCD) for fre- quency and other .

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    The Pirate Radio Survival Guide - Transmitters
    While it is possible to build your own, it is much easier and usually cheaper to . One advantage that crystal control does have is that the transmitter will NOT "drift" or . Most VFO's will cover the ham bands in 500 Khz segments and this can be .

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    A superhet receiver with a crystal filter is a very good solution for single side band reception. So why should we make a direct conversion receiver with side band . And a very big advantage is that you can use the same VFO for the CW .

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visions for an external VFO und a modulator when the Novice ticket is . characteristics of this circuit which make it . eliminates the possibility of the crystal being .